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Plaza Saltillo won final zoning approval from city council

The deal sets a building height limit of 70 feet for the entire project, which sits on about 10 acres along Capital Metro train tracks, but Endeavor could exercise the option to build a 125-foot office building.

Ten acres around the Plaza Saltillo train stop will soon go vertical after a mixed-use project won final zoning approval Thursday.

Endeavor must now decide whether to construct a 70-foot office building or a 125-foot building. If Endeavor goes with the taller option, it will have to pay part of $2.2 million to subsidize construction of affordable housing in East Austin. Capital Metro and the city will also have to pay part of the $2.2 million.

Under Endeavor’s plan, Plaza Saltillo would encompass about 110,000 square feet of retail space and 120,000 square feet of office space (based on a 125-foot office building).

Click here to read the original article: Plaza Saltillo won final zoning approval from city council Texas A&M Real Estate Center 3-6-2017


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